Launched: Workspace Membership Activity Log [FREE]

When we launched workspaces and pricing last fall, we know it introduced some complicated interactions with permissions (who has access to do what) and billing (who am I paying for). To make this easier to manage, we’ve started providing transparency into all the role changes that happen in a workspace, including information on how the change happened, the power to contextually make adjustments as needed, andーfor paid accountsーdaily updates on changes that will directly affect your next bill. We hope this helps shed some light on what exactly is happening with your teams in workspaces and removes the possibility of you getting charged for something you didn’t want to pay for!

Learn more in the blog post on why and how we made it:

Activity Log and Billing Activity Email

Workspace Admins may access their Workspace Activity Log by following these steps

  1. Navigate to (or the default landing page
  2. Select My Workspace (or your company-named Workspace) from the left-hand navigation menu
  3. In the center panel, click on Workspace Settings
  4. The Membership Activity Log is viewable under the ‘Activity’ menu options at the top of the page

Admins for paid Workspaces may also opt to receive daily email digests of changes that impact Workspace Billing.

To enable/disable these emails:

  1. Follow the steps above to access the Membership Activity Log
  2. Click the :bell: (bell) icon to see your toggle options
  3. The toggle switch will enable/disable these emails
  4. You may hover over the :bell: (bell) icon to confirm whether you have opted-in or -out of receiving these emails

Here’s what the emails look like:


Q: Who can view this information?
A: All Workspace Adminsーregardless of their Coda Planーcan access this log for their organization. Daily digest emails are only available for Paid Workspaces. In the future, we may build additional features that map best to the needs of organizations on different plans.

Q: Will role changes that don’t affect billing also be reflected in the activity log?
A: Yes. Note that changes that impact your bill will have icons over the users Avatar. The up arrow indicates a change that will increase your bill. The down arrow indicates a change that will decrease your bill.

Daily digest emails sent to Admins of Paid Workspaces, however, will only include the role changes that affect billing.

Q: Where can I see my Coda Bill?
A: The ‘Billing’ option on the menu of your Workspace Settings (to the left of the ‘Activity’ option described in detail above) allows you to view your billing details, including past invoices. For more on Coda Pricing, please visit this FAQ from our Help Center.

Q: I need to control how many Doc Makers my Workspace has. How can I do that?

A: Admins for Workspaces on Paid Plans have several options to control roles that impact Billing in your Workspace.

Reactive Controls

If you are an Admin who needs to change a user’s access level, navigate to your Workspace Settings to see a list of Workspace Members in the right hand panel. Each Member’s role is identified to the right of their name. Clicking on the role opens a drop-down menu, where Admins may select a new Role. This allows for actions such as adding Admins and Makers, or for moving Makers (billable) to Editors (non-billable) to manage costs.

Proactive Controls

Coda Workspace Settings offer proactive measures to limit the potential for Workspace Members to upgrade themselves into roles that increase your bill. By default, Workspace members can create docs, which sets their role as ‘Maker,’ which is a billable role for Coda. To change this setting, Workspace Admins can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Workspace Settings
  2. Select ‘Access’ from the Top Menu
  3. Toggle ‘Any member can create docs’ to ‘Off’

Note: When this setting is turned off, Admins must manually set Workspace Members to Doc Makers in order for them to create docs following the steps in Reactive Controls above.

You can find more on these tools in our Help Center:

Q: I didn’t get my Membership Activity Log daily digest email ー what happened?
A: There are a few reasons you might not receive your daily digest of Membership Activity:

  1. To receive these emails, you must be a Workspace Admin
  1. To receive these emails, you must have your Role Billing changes email subscription toggled on (details in the FAQs above)
  2. If there were no changes that impact billing for your Workspace, you will not receive an email
  • You can confirm this by checking your Membership Activity Log within your Coda Workspace Settings