Is it possible to see user activity/login in a doc?

Hi all.

I have added some users to one of my docs but I am not sure if they have actually logged in and/or started to familiarise themselves with the doc.
I only know of one user because I was logged in at the same time. She is also the only one how is registered with her full name not just the email address.

Is there a way to see general activity in a doc or can I only see activity per table row?


Hi @Kjell_Pettersen

I don’t know if this is possible as a function within coda that would already exist.

One trick would be to give the link of a special « welcome dashboard » page in your doc to all your user, and to have several buttons in that dashboard for theme to navigate in the doc. Those button will send your user to the good page but ALSO fill a table with now() and the current logged user. Then you can track this table to check every button push…
That requires your user to know this procedure because if they use the side panel you won’t have the information…
Or you can hide the other page that would be accessible ONLY with your main dashboard.

Not a very good solution I know…


@Quentin_Morel, my friend!
I expected that you would chime in on this as well. :innocent: Since there does not seem to be a proprietary solution for this I like your suggestion, especially since the users in my case are completely new to Coda.

Thank you!

There is something for this in the Enterprise tier.


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To complete my proposal, here is the kind of stuff you may have in your welcome dashboard, and put the “secret table” wherever you want, even hidden

Configure your buttons like that, with :

  • Opening the page you want, with the url of the page
  • filling the secret logged tracker


And here you go, your user will navigate to the page, and you get your secret logged fill, with the tracking of their action. If your hide all your pages except for the main welcome dashboard, it will also work, preventing your user to access directly to the pages without tracking them.




Ah Thanks @Piet_Strydom, interesting to know. In @Kjell_Pettersen case I assume het wont be in enterprise plan :wink:

Excellent as always! Thanks again :star_struck:

And yes, @Piet_Strydom, Quentin is correct, my needs are not on the Enterprise level. At least not yet… But good to know! :blush:

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There is hope in two dimensions:

Your endeavours grow to enterprise size!


Coda makes the capability available to more tiers.

Personally I hope for the latter for myself. :wink:

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Why not aim for the stars and switch “Or” for “And”? :wink:

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After nearly 30 years of SAP Implementations at VERY large organisations, I need a break… :wink:

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:joy: :joy: I cannot relate but I can understand.

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Hi @Kjell_Pettersen,

in addition to @Quentin_Morel’s valuable contribution, you can also check out the “My Stats” page for any of your docs (Launched: Track, analyze, and optimize your docs and Packs through the publishing stats dashboard).

While this unfortunately does not give you page-level analytics (which is only available for Enterprise tiers), it does, however, provide you with an overall view of your doc’s activity.


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