Document "global" Automation activity log

I love all of the tracking features included in Coda. As the main Doc Maker for my team’s Coda workflow needs, I built our whole document from scratch and now spend most of my time responding to bugs within the doc or questions from our team members on functionality or implementation needs. Within this capacity, I’ve found all of the tracking features extremely useful. I’ve used the document version history feature plenty of times to fix and diagnose mistakes by team members. I am always on the activity tab for individual rows to track activity and mistakes. The activity tab within each Automation is also extremely useful for tracking when an Automation fails and why. However, given that my doc has over 40 Automations, it sometimes becomes difficult to track exactly which Automation I should look into to track a mistake or explain why a row changed in a certain table. So I end up looking through several Automations activity tabs before finding what I’m looking for.

My suggestion:
I wish there was a “global” automation activity tracker where you could see in one place EVERY automation that was activated in the doc and at what time in a chronological list. This would make it so I don’t have to click through a number of different Automations checking timestamps to see where a certain change happened. It would also give a really good idea of overall activity in my doc, since unless I click into each individual Automation and look at the activity therein, I don’t really have a way to track overall activity document wide.

Apologize if this is already a feature and I just don’t know where to find it. Much thanks Coda team, keep up the good work :slight_smile: