Single button to turn off all automations in a doc

Our company runs a lot of docs that each contain many automations. Many of these automations are connected to external platforms (GCal, Gmail, Twilio, Zapier, etc). We will periodically make backup copies of our docs to store historical data while keeping our working copy lighter, cleaner, etc.

When I make these backups, I don’t want the automations to continue running. Some of these are performing external actions that will result in duplicate actions with the original doc. So for now, every time I make a backup, I have to open the automations panel and click through to turn off each individual automation. It would be fantastic to click a “master” automations on/off button at the top of the panel to save me this headache.



Excellent suggestion, thanks for sharing and explaining the specific scenario with making backups - makes a lot of sense. I’ve added this to a list of improvements we’d like to make.