Automate back up doc creation


I am looking to create back up copies of my doc as I need to decrease the amount of data I keep in the “current version” due to the limit on doc size for the API to function (that was an unpleasant surprise).

I have looked at setting up a copy doc button with automation to press every 3 or 6 months, but when you use a button to copy doc it needs you to press copy doc on a second dialog.

I’ve looked at using Version History, but do these version histories really go on “forever”? That’s got to be a lot of data in 10 years if there are 10-20 versions available from each day.

I’ll be grateful for any suggestions.


Hi @Andrew_Tobin :slight_smile: Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I’ll share with you a solution of Backup into an external doc, this is my way but others have found different ways :slight_smile:
It’s not the easiest but it works and allows you to have multiple origin doc into one central!
(That should not exceed api size to keep working, so data here should be compressed or exported every once in a while)

Another option could be to configure a “Copy Doc” button to be pressed every tot (i dont know if this actually works)

I’m sure you’ll find a solutions :slight_smile:

Have a nice making,