Turn off AI suggestions and buttons

I don’t use AI, but now the canvas is littered with AI buttons everywhere. I accidentally clicked the button and spent all the tokens.
It would be very nice to be able to turn off the AI buttons.


+1 yes please!!!

Since there isn’t a consistently usable and available AI service, having all this AI ui everywhere really degrades the experience for the editors and doc makers that I invite into my workspace.


Yes please! The dev teams enthusiasm for AI everywhere is stuffing the Ui! I dont use and wont. Thanks

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I found this suggestion when searching for how to turn AI off. It would be very distracting even if I was interested in using it.

The AI buttons are cluttering the user interface, which is complex enough right now. A global button would help.

Exact same thing happened to me today!

I’m an unabashedly biased AI lover, and for many reasons. Mostly, it’s about productivity. In my companies our workers would be about 11% less productive with the AI features.

However, this is not how all teams work and AI options now exist everywhere.

Despite my bias for inspiring greater productivity using generative AI, I upvoted this suggestion. No one should be forced to navigate around a sea of features they don’t need or cannot benefit from.

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