CRM: Tracking doc usage

Hi, looking for help with potentially using a CRM to track usage/access.

My doc is invite-only and I can see who I invite via “Shared With” list (see attachment below), but I can’t see who actually signs up/accesses my doc. And I don;'t get a notification either “[user] signed up to view you doc”

For example: I invite 100 people, how can I see the # from the 100 who are actually accessing my doc?

Would a CRM provide this data?

Appreciate any feedback, thanks


No formulas currently to allow access to the shared users or any metadata about them. The only way I know of to do this currently would be to track interactions with the doc by creating an automation that records the user in response to a change to the document, e.g. a button press, a row being added, or a row being modified.

Thank you Ed, was hoping for a similar “Activity Dashboard” option that Google Sheets provides. *see screenshot below

Allows me to see who actually not only receives an invite to access my doc, but has actually accessed doc and when. And doesn’t require viewer/user to click any button or anything once inside doc, which most won’t/can’t do since it’s view-only.

Hoping this is coming soon as employers especially would want this data to know how effective using Coda is etc. on a daily/overall level.

Please let me know if you can think of any other options - would like to use Coda moving forward, but need a comparable workaround if possible.

Appreciate it.

Here is the other data Google Sheets provides for access/viewage etc.

Hey Charlie,

I agree this is a much-needed feature.

As a workaround, you could create yourself a similar dashboard - but you would need to implement one button.

You could add a single page with a “login” button that essentially

  • Adds a row to a double column table (User column, and timestamp column)

Then have filters throughout your doc and on all tables that don’t allow users to see any information unless there exists a row in the above mentioned table that has a timestamp within the last 60 minutes.

This would essentially “log” how many times a user has viewed and when.

You want your document to essentially be “view-only” so just set locking settings so that users can only interact.

Does that makes sense? Would that work for you in the meantime?

Thank you for the heads up Scott. Sounds great if possible, but I am not clear on how this overall solution (+ what I highlighted) would be implemented/work and if it satisfies what I need.

Appreciate any further details.

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