Sharing docs with teams: Best practices

I’ve taken quite a bit of time building our custom CRM (with the help of several of you, thank you!!).

Now that it’s done, I’m not sure what’s the best way to get my team on board. My concerns are primarily with teammates accidentally deleting tables or rows.

My question is:

  1. Is there a way to share the CRM with my team in a way that they can only create new rows without deleting data?
  2. What’s the best way to back up the CRM (say, create a daily backup)
  3. Are there version controls of sort where I could jump back to a point in case something goes terribly wrong?
  4. Could I share an individual copy of a Coda doc with each teammate but still have them linked?

How do you guys work with your team + a Coda doc? Since it’s all just one big document, it does feel that accidents could happen, specially with many chefs in the kitchen.

Thanks in advanced

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: !

  1. As far as I know, there is no “granular permissions” when sharing a doc but in this post, you may find some tips to kind of “get around” this while we’re patiently waiting for more control over sharing. (Plus there seems to be some Privacy Issues (there’s another post about this too here)
  1. There are ways to backup tables using buttons and/or automations (or even a 3rd Party service like Zapier I think) but I’ve found this post very useful when I was personally looking for a way (or at least ideas :bulb:) to backup tables :
  1. From the “Home Page” of Coda where you can see all your docs, you can access the “version history” of a doc by clicking the 3 dots (...) “menu” that appears when hovering a doc with the mouse :wink: . It will open a new tab where you’ll be able to see the previous version of a doc and/or copy one if needed :wink:
  1. There’s actually no public crossing doc reference so I don’t think it’s currently doable but it’s in a beta test phase :grin: !

Hope this help :slightly_smiling_face: