Unlimited access to other docs

Hey guys,

There is a new Airtable competitor and one of the most compelling features is full access to all other bases in every base. is this something that Coda will offer? That would be so awesome :star_struck:

Could you give an example?

So you have 2 bases, one is a crm and one a project base. We can access all of the crm base without sync/crossdoc in the project base.

If you make your tables all in 1 doc, you’ll have access to all of them within the context of that doc, and won’t need crossdoc.

I’m not sure if that’s what you mean or are looking for?

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The 10.000 row limit is quite limiting in some cases. This would eliminate this problem.

HI Steven,

Can you elaborate on what you mean with “10,000 row limit”, and how it affects your doc?

I have just run some tests on a table with 14,000 rows, and performance was reasonable.

Will you have the CRM and project info in the same table? If they are in different tables, they will not influence each other.

How much of the time will you work with the full table? Typically one would only work with a subset of the table in a view. In that case, the performance depends on the size of he view, rather than the size of the full table.


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