SOS: Cross-Doc using BIG tables

Hi Coda Community,

I’ve been asked by Coda to post here in the community to hopefully get some help from our fellow Coda enthusiasts regarding a cross-doc issue we’ve been having.

So… We have our main doc with a large master table (close to 300 columns, 500 rows), and we are using cross-doc to send 10 views with 10 columns each to 10 different docs to display those small groups of data on public pages. We are also syncing some small sub-tables for lookups.

We’ve mostly been successful in getting cross-doc to work but occasionally are unable to sync one of our 10-column views, even though within the same doc our lookup sub-tables from the master doc are syncing without issue.

It seems that the sheer number of columns in our main table is the source of the issue, but we’re a bit confused because 5 of our 10 docs are syncing hourly without issue, but on the other 5 docs our 10-column views have never successfully synced, even though our sub lookup tables sync just fine.

Anyone have any insights into the nature of the animal that is Cross-Doc? We’ll keep experimenting over here and will post if we make any discoveries!

Thanks :blush:

Weird. Could you confirm your doc size as outlined here?

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Hi @Nick_HE and thanks for the reply!

Strangely, all of our views that were repeatedly failing are now syncing wiht little to no problem.

Not totally sure on the size of the doc, but it does show up in the Cross-Doc pack (not grayed out), and like I said, all views are now syncing.

Strangely we often get a cross-doc failure message every few days around 8am Japan time (think this is 3am SF time?) — usually happens just once and syncs on the next attempt an hour later.

Anyone else ever experience these kind of regularly intermittent cross-sync failures?