Cross-doc sync fails with: "The automation attempted to make too large of a change." (urgent help needed)

I have a table “suSuppliers” cross-doc’ed from Doc A to Doc B, that started to consistently fail to sync. The source table has only 350ish row and 40ish columns, so I don’t think it’s too large, and yet the sync fails with this error:

Things to note:

  • There are other tables in Doc A crossdoc’ed to Doc B and using the same account continue to sync without issues
  • Changing the sync account does not solve the problem
  • Manually or automatically syncing both result in the same issue.
  • The source table has not recently had any structural changes, just a couple more rows added.

Prompt assistance would be greatly appreciated as this is a business critical doc and we’ll be stuck for the day until the issue is resolved. (and we are 12h ahead of San Francisco…)

Not 100% sure but could be related to two things:

  • Limit on payload (i.e. 100 rows) of 4 MB
  • Limit on individual rows of around 70 KB — I presume there could be a row object (JSON parcel of a row) that exceeds this limit.

Try filtering out large rows / hiding columns with large data and see if it helps. If not, ditch the guesswork and contact support through the ? button. They’ll have access to verbose logs and can find the exact cause but you’ll probably have to wait.

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Hey @Nad ,
Just a guess of something you could check, maybe one of your cell has too much data in it ?

Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk your reply put me on the right track,
hiding a bunch of columns in the source table worked to solve the issue.

It is an unsatisfying solution though, for the following reasons:

  • The source table was the main table, not a view
    _ The reason for that, is because I wanted to be able to use cross-doc actions to edit the source table from the destination doc. And as you know, cross-doc only allows this if the source table is not a view.
  • For my sanity and as part of our best practices, we like to keep the original table tucked away in a hidden page and with all the rows unfiltered and columns unhidden. This makes iterating the doc design easier, rather than have to go on a hunt in different views.

→ Is this something that Sync Tables Pro could address in the future? Let me share a view to a different doc, but be able to sync actions/modifications back to it?

PS: for the developers of Crossdoc pack: this error message is poorly worded. For the end user of the pack, crossdoc sync is not an automation (although I understand that under the hood it may be), and it definitely does not make changes (as it only updates a table).
Worth thinking rewording the message to say something along what Paul wrote above.

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