Hide your table and other tips to prevent user errors

While we work on sub document permissions there are a few tips and tricks to help you prevent accidental user error as others work in your doc. Do share things what are working for you.

  1. Create a section where you explicitly ask users to stay away from.
  2. Hide your tables - ( using a filter and table option)
  3. Create views that show users only rows meant for them
  4. Create buttons to add rows to make it easy and scoped.
  5. Adding automation notification that get triggered if incorrect rows are edited.


Dear @mallika,

Thanks sharing these very helpful tips :moneybag:

I am just wondering if there is a more simple way then logging in as a different user to see how this user will see the doc? Maybe I am not aware that certain content is not hidden for this user and in this way creating confusion.

My suggestion would be the “doc map” to contain all users, showing what content is available for each of them.

Thanks for your attention,

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Another interesting idea - Can I make only the checkbox on a todo list editable?

Something else that works for me is using formula columns to display data, and hiding the column used to input/edit the data.

EDIT: Just clicked the link above and realised that has already been suggested :flushed:


Hi! Wondering if the sub document permissions feature has been created yet. Thank you!