Set permissions in document


I would like to be able to set Permissions INSIDE my document at a Folder level, so I can be sure the raw documents and tables can’t be edited.



It looks like they are working on this feature…

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I will be very interested to see what the Coda team comes up with here.

Key things I am hoping for:

  • Sharing setting that limits the user’s edit rights to only adding or modifying table rows, interacting with controls, and clicking buttons, i.e. no editing of column settings, no adding or deleting tables, no editing the document outside the tables. Ideally this setting could be applied on a section-by-section basis, but realistically if you want to give people a blank canvas for particular purposes you could also just give them a link to a separate doc without the above restrictions.

  • Disabling editing of individual columns, based on a formula condition (kind of like the way you can disable buttons now). It’s already trivial to build basic user management functions inside a doc, using the User() function, e.g. assigning and then referencing user roles and groups - the issue at the moment is that any user with edit rights can change any user management functions you build.

  • Similar to the above, disabling edit of particular rows using something analagous to a filter condition, i.e. as well as setting a filter for which rows are displayed, you can also set a filter for which rows are editable (again, one could drive this with the User() function, referencing another table that records user roles and groups)

  • Ability to hide sections from users (again, preferably based on a formula condition), without affecting the ability of the document owner to surface data from hidden tables into other views/tables in other sections that are still visible to users.

  • Ability to turn off the right for particular users to copy a doc, even if they have edit rights. Currently granting edit rights also gives users the right to copy the doc.

Not being a software engineer I have no idea what the performance implications or implementation difficulty of those features would be, but I could imagine building some pretty amazing docs and apps if we do get those features. The combination of features above would give Makers maximum creativity :blush:


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