CRUD permissions for Coda Tables for Users and Public

It would be nice if we could specify a table’s (and view’s into a table’s) Create, Read, Update, and Delete permissions - turned to rows they’ve created, and rows they haven’t created - whether this is handled like modification times are, or whether it is handled by determining the value of a people column in the row, would be up to coda.

For instance, for a public document, let’s say a published contact form. I could make it so that the general public has create permissions in the table, but for rows they did not create, they do not have read, update, or delete permissions.

Another use case would be a table for lecture notes or blog comments. Each student of a class or a post reader could create a row, and then read each other’s rows, but only the document admin and other teachers/co-writers, could update and delete rows.

Another use case would be restaurant menu orders, where the public can add new rows for making an order, read, but no modify, update, or delete, even of their own orders. Staff can read and update and delete.

This would be especially useful for expanded control support:

As it would allow us to make our coda tables writable with fine grained permissions.

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+1 for this. as an example, I built a recipe database. I’d love to give friends the ability to add to it, and potentially comment on recipes that I’ve added, but not edit content that they haven’t created. it would be a fun way to share food and drink recipes during the quarantine…