Control box visible, sharing permissions, searchable hidden columns

Ive been working with Coda for a while, and want to succinctly suggest the following:

Easily Visible Control Select:

  • If you insert a control and it is left as “blank” it is very difficult to see (rather translucent). I know this sounds silly, but there are many in my department who will be using my document and will have a hard time using the “select” control because they will have a hard time finding it.

Sharing permissions

  • I know there have been other posts on increasing the customization of sharing permissions, but I wanted to add one suggestion to those: Allow the sharing of documents but only at a certain level.

  • Specifically, I want people to be able to add data/text to rows and columns in tables, but I dont want them to be able to modify formulas within columns, the format of columns or other similar information. Alot of my columns are formatted very specifically, connected to many other columns, and if one is messed with it could destroy the whole usability of the table.

Searchable Hidden Columns

  • Some of the tables in my document have 100+ columns with near 75+ of them hidden. I would love to (when trying to unhide a column) have a little search box at the top to narrow down the columns and more quickly find what you are looking for.

Nested Folders

  • On the side column of the document you have folders and sections. I would love to be able to have nested folders (folders within folders) as my document has ALOT of sections and would be much better organized with nested folders.


I have been using coda for a while also, and i second all of your suggestions. Permissions being the most important for me, hopefully we’ll get an update soon that resolves these issues.