Restricting what people can see

I love Coda, but at the same time I am frustrated because I still can’t use it for what I am wanting. The fact that you cannot prevent people from seeing sections of your document is a big problem. Every work around I have tried, there is still a way for people to get to all of the information. I am trying to embed a contact sheet on our website, but don’t want any personal information to be displayed.

I first tried to hide the columns and embed a view only option of the table. You could still open each record and have the option of showing all the hidden columns. I then tried to separate all the personal information into a separate table in a different section. Even though you can hide the Section List which ideally would prevent people from being able to get to the section where you had the personal info, you just give the option to “Open in Coda” and have access to everything!!

To me this defeats the whole purpose of hiding the Section List in the first place. The only value it has is to just give you more space. How hard would it be when you embed something to have the option of turning off the “Open in Coda”? Would this be something that could be offered in a short amount of time before the whole rights/access levels that you are currently working on gets implemented? Otherwise, I am going to have to find another solution because I need a something in a short amount of time.

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Sorry about that Jennifer - we are aware of need for more granular permissions and working to get it out there as quickly as possible - in meantime, have you checked out this Restrict data to set of users/ Setup access control system - may be it will work for your needs?

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