Admin Account and User Permissions

Problem Currently we are using Jira. But we decided to build a general dashboard of our company in Coda and we would like to let every employee acess this document. But the problem is that since we have lots of employees we don’t want to let them all edit/see the whole document.

Solution It would be great if an admin could chnage the powers of each user. For example: “User 1” can only acess “page 1” and can mark tasks done in the “tasks table”. “User 2” can add new tasks to the “tasks table”.

This is how we would use this feature We would create a huge file that would include every team, overview of the progress of each team, and the overall state of the company. Each team member would have acess to his or her team’s part of the file. Each manager would have acess to the files of the teams they are managing. While executives would have acess to all the files.

I belive this would let us and other large companies with tons of employees to run just on one coda file.

If this sounds interesting but confusing here is my email


I second a permission system.


Permissions are essential, great idea


Heck - the permission system could even be managed through a table within Coda :wink:


It would be very nice if there is a permission on sections.
And that you can put permissions on filtering. Or even better a dynamic filter for different users.
So for example when I would invite my supplier to my sheet I would want him to only have read only access to one specific section. In this section he is not allowed to change the filter and the filter is determined by the user/login.


Yes, that’s exactly what I think.

Agreed! This would be crucial for deploying anywhere even in a small business.


+1 Agreed! This would be a really great idea and would really allow me to use Coda more fully and with my team.


What we’re missing to start using coda:

  • ability to limit editing of the table structure
  • ability to limit editing the value of certain fields

I agree! This is currently the only reason my team is not using Coda - it’s otherwise perfect for what we need. Permissions on sections seems like a fairly easy thing to implement?

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Same here. Would love to use it further in a school setting, but with sensitive data in the tables, I can’t give full editing access to other teachers who may not be tech savvy and accidentally erased sensitive data! But still want to give teachers editing access on parts and or pages of the full coda doc!

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Very similar to how I want to use it. Main table that contains sensitive data then (locked) customised views for team members (ideally with their own sections) with respective views of the main table but with certain columns hidden / filters applied to hide unnecessary or sensitive data.

It’s so close to doing everything we want but this is a dealbreaker for us.


Another vote for locking down specific sections and allowing editing of others

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+1 This is what is keeping us for using coda in our small business. I have subcontractors that I want to share information with and have them update some information but I have some data I need to keep private.


+1 — From our point of view and use case(s), this is the most vital missing feature of Coda, stopping us from fully embracing it.


Please add this option. This is so important.


Yes this is essential…

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Yep. I’ve summarised my take on the ideal feature set here. If you agree/disagree with specific items, I would love to hear your thoughts in the replies below. We have a whole list of new things that we could build as soon as these features land!


Is this possible? I would like to share my coda doc with different team members but I dont want all of them to see everything.

+1000 on this. It’s prevented us from using Coda in parts of the business

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