Acess control to DOCUMENT

  1. Is it possible to share a specific page with my team on, but restrict their access to certain filters? [[1]]
  2. Can I centralize the contacts of each team on, without allowing Team 1 to see records from Team 2? [[4]]

I Don’t know if chatgpt is right: is a document collaboration platform that allows users to create and share interactive documents. Users can create pages with various building blocks, such as tables, charts, and buttons, to build interactive and customizable documents. also provides features for sharing documents with others, such as commenting rights, publishing pages, and using Cross-doc to share data across different documents. [[1],[4]]

Regarding the first question, allows users to share specific pages with their team members and set different access levels for each member. Users can restrict their team members’ access to certain parts of a page, including filters, by using the “Access Controls” feature. This feature allows users to set specific permissions for each team member or group, including view, edit, or comment. By setting the access controls, users can ensure that their team members can only access the parts of the page that are relevant to their work. [[1]]

Regarding the second question, allows users to centralize contacts from different teams in one document and use filters to control access to specific records. Users can create a table that contains all the contacts from each team, and then use filters to control who can see specific records. For example, users can create a filter that only shows records that belong to Team 1 and grant access to Team 1 members. Similarly, users can create filters for other teams and grant access accordingly. By using filters and access controls, users can ensure that each team can access the contacts they need without seeing records from other teams. [[4]]

ChatGOT is right but incomplete. You can filter the information for specific users, but it does not equate to security - they can still remove the filters and access everything in the doc.

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Hello @jonathan_y

ChatGPT is not (like absolutely not) the place to investigate security. Coda does not secure your data, no matter what you do (and it does not pretend is does). There are ways to make it look pretty secure and it might fit the bill when using/sharing the doc with people you trust, but anyone that knows Coda or takes the time to investigate (the community is a very good start), will be able to find most of your data. Careful filtering and locking can prevent users from removing filters and prevent users from accidentally looking at all your data and/or deleting your data, but most information can be found by people that know/understand Coda.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t build a doc that serves a lot of needs. I trust a lot of private data to my Coda docs, but as a general rule, even though a lot of it is not directly visible to the people with whom I share (some) docs, they will never contain data that they should never see.

I think we will get some better solutions in Coda to make docs more secure, but at this time, that’s not the way it is.

Greetings, Joost

Unfortunately Coda is a bit lacking in terms of security and permissions at the moment, I really hope they will soon surprise with some much needed improvements :slight_smile: