If I set up 3 pages in a doc, but want to give access to just one person per page

Hello There. I am new to Coda. I am a tutor by profession and use Coda to create notes for my students.
Is it possible to share single pages with selected people and not all students?

You cannot give access to one page in a doc without giving access to all the other pages in the doc.
However, there are some alternatives. Here is one.

Set up a table where each “page” is a canvas in the row. Display the table in a details view. Use a [People] column to tag different students for that row. Finally, use a filter for the table so that students only see rows where they are tagged. Make sure students have read-only access and cannot change the filter. I wouldn’t use this method if there were really private info, but it is probably the easiest to set up.


Clever. Never occurred to me.

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You can add one step: create a table with a row storing specific users (students) and a name for their group (1st years, 2nd years etc).

You then filter your table with notes based on which group the current user belongs to.

This way, you can:

  • manage changes in the students and groups in only one place,
  • test what the students can access by putting yourself in one of the groups.

Credits: This very useful technique comes from @Paul_Danyliuk kudos!