Track page/subpage views?

Hey there Coda magicians! I’m wondering if there’s a way or workaround that would allow me to track the people that viewed a page or subpage in Coda?

It doesn’t look like this is possible out of the box, but I was wondering if there’s anyway to make a formula where just visiting a page logs your User() to a table of some sort?

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:wave: Hey there!

Another user asked a similar question, and unfortunately there is not a simple solution to this at the moment that I’m writing this. You would have to use some sort of workaround (which is definitely possible, but has some drawbacks)

I gave some more info about it in this thread:

Just to add – tracking metrics of the document itself like google sheets and docs is critical. Often times documents are a great way to track internal metrics within the organization such as internal demand or interest in something your team is beginning to explore.

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