Invite-Only: How can I see who accepts/accesses my doc?

Hi Coda community - my main goal is to see who would like access to my doc, send them an invite, and then know how many/who is actually using it.


  1. Send interest email
  2. Get interest reply
  3. Send invite-only email invite through “Share With”

Then once they get invite, create account, and access doc…

I need to know which people have made it that far and are actually using my doc

For example:
If I send out an interest email to 1000 people, 500 reply saying they want in, and I send 500 email invites…how many/which ones are actually accessing my doc, 5, 10, 500?

Main Goal:
This info helps me know if there is usage in my doc and how much/by who. (Request access vs Create account)

As you can see from my screenshot below, I can see who I sent invites to, but I can’t see who is actually signed up and accessing.

Appreciate any feedback on how to get this data, thanks.


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