Reaction action log

I’d like to create an audit log log when someone clicks a Reaction. So when someone clicks a reaction to say they’ve read something I want to insert that reaction click into a table.

Is this possible?

What do you mean with “reaction”? If it is a button, you can create a button that will push the “reaction”, and then push a second button to update the log file.

Could you provide some more details?

A “reaction” is a built in feature of Coda, here’s Coda help around reactions. It’s like a button but not.

I want people to click a Reaction, and have the datetime of their click recorded in an action log. Being able to do an automation for a Reaction or having a reaction push a button would work but those don’t seem to be options.

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You’ll have to make your own custom implementation of reactions that has this behavior using buttons

AH - the developers are moving to fast for me…