Anonymous Reactions

I’m trying to figure out how to allow Reactions (likes) of table rows in a published public roadmap document without requiring the user to log in. If I publish as Play then it seems like the links work but the reactions don’t save. If I publish as edit than everything gets disabled unless I log in and then everything is up for grabs. Am I chasing something that doesn’t exist?

I believe the user must log in to use reactions unfortunately :(

That’s a bummer, I’m new to coda so apologies if I’m asking a common question, where do we go to request features?

Actually, I might be wrong.

“Play” sharing settings don’t work? Could you share an example doc?

The play setting shows the reaction for the user and let’s them click it, but does not appear to update the reaction count or store it for future usage.

Justin Sandbox is an example.

yeah, you are totally right, it’s not possible.

Personally, I think that this is how it should be. If someone isn’t logged in, how is Coda supposed to know who it was that voted on an item? How are you as the doc owner supposed to be certain that people haven’t voted multiple times by just hopping to a different IP address?

Asking your user to log in before casting a vote is pretty standard fare. I think it makes sense in this case as well.

The trick in your case is to publish a doc in Edit mode.

Try here: voting table

If you want to collect anonymous data you could always do a survey instead.

In this case it’s product release notes and likes are just there to drive some engagement and get some notice on what people actually care about. If someone cares enough to go change IPs and like something 5 times in a row then I’ll take it as true love for that release. I’m also embedding it in another platform through an iframe, so asking them to log in a second time makes for an odd workflow. In this case it’s not important enough to worry about, I appreciate your help on it!