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I’m on a free account and I’ve made a simple database for fans of flashlights.
I’ve added filter controls but “view” user’s can’t interact with them.

I’ve kind of assumed that Pro access will let me lock everything except those buttons so everyone can use filters. But it seems I will have to get a Team Licence for that?
Does anyone know exactly how that works?
I’m fine with paying £10 for 1-2 projects that everyone will be able to use but £30 is kind of expensive for just that
I can probably do that for free it it will be more work and not as nice :frowning:

Hi @Landsil Welcome to the community :grin:
Can’t you just leave the “play mode” in which they use controls and whatever they do is not saved? :slight_smile:

You mean that I should publish the doc?
I’ve tried that but clicking on any page shows permanent overlay asking to log in.

This is the doc

People are supposed to be able to use filters under find and compare.

Yes they have to login but they can use the doc anonymously in theory if they want :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 11.58.30

Chose the “Play” option and tell me if it works for you :slight_smile:

That’s what I did, I’ve just enabled it to show you screenshot and it seems to be working fine now :thinking:

I think it’s because I’ve disabled discover option and credits earning.
Solved I guess, I will stay on free account and update to Pro when I reach limit.
Now I have to start asking for all the basic features I have in notion but I’m missing here :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Happy to be helpful :smiley:
For me the Team account is a much needed feature but yeah it can be a little bit expensive if doc’s are made for free :upside_down_face: (p.s. find a way to sell them :grin:)

P.p.s. in my opinion, the biggest limits on coda right now are related to the performance (also if good steps have been made in the last year) and in UI Design capabilities (that i hope can improve in a while…)
But for all the rest there is pretty much always a trick :slight_smile:

Have a nice making :blush:

I have full team licence on my work account and it’s nice.
But yea, UI needs a lot of work. We have few projects where everything is easy and then you hit the wall with presenting your data to end user :slightly_frowning_face:

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