Lock and Unlock page layouts for everyone

This is a simple feature and I really don’t understand why both Coda and Notion don’t get it right.
As much as I like to edit and save a customized layout for a row, I wish I could edit and save a page layout. I am a solo user, so I don’t know how (and why) it works for the Team tier, but I would like to keep a page locked to avoid accidental changes and be able to only manage databases, click in buttons, etc, just like public docs.


Hello @Guilherme_Salles ,

Most of my docs are only for me and I do use page locking to make sure I don’t change it accidently. I don’t know why it is behind the team subscription, but I feel it is money well spent.

Greetings, Joost

That is exactly my problem. I don’t want to upgrade to the team plan since I am a solo user. Since the plans are available in dollar, for me (who lives in a country that doesn’t operate in dollar) it is precisely 5x more expensive to pay for Coda. It is a simple feature, doesn’t make sense to put it to a higher tier.

I absolutely agree.

If someone only needs a simple way to lock a page, switching to the Team Plan is costly overkill.
My suggestion would be to make a very simple variant of the page lock - just read only - available to Pro Plan members as well.
It is not fair that you have to pay three times the subscription price just to use such a simple feature.

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