Lock and Unlock page layouts for everyone

This is a simple feature and I really don’t understand why both Coda and Notion don’t get it right.
As much as I like to edit and save a customized layout for a row, I wish I could edit and save a page layout. I am a solo user, so I don’t know how (and why) it works for the Team tier, but I would like to keep a page locked to avoid accidental changes and be able to only manage databases, click in buttons, etc, just like public docs.


Hello @Guilherme_Salles ,

Most of my docs are only for me and I do use page locking to make sure I don’t change it accidently. I don’t know why it is behind the team subscription, but I feel it is money well spent.

Greetings, Joost

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That is exactly my problem. I don’t want to upgrade to the team plan since I am a solo user. Since the plans are available in dollar, for me (who lives in a country that doesn’t operate in dollar) it is precisely 5x more expensive to pay for Coda. It is a simple feature, doesn’t make sense to put it to a higher tier.

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I absolutely agree.

If someone only needs a simple way to lock a page, switching to the Team Plan is costly overkill.
My suggestion would be to make a very simple variant of the page lock - just read only - available to Pro Plan members as well.
It is not fair that you have to pay three times the subscription price just to use such a simple feature.


Here’s another vote for cheaper doc layout locking: I’ve been running a Coda doc for a few years now (since Coda was free in Beta) for my local Cub Scout Pack as their Treasurer. At first I was the only one with any editing permissions, so I was just extra careful to avoid accidentally deleting or moving something where it doesn’t belong (this happened a lot; luckily Undo works well enough but you have to notice that you’ve made a grave error before it’s too late to undo). When Coda went paid, I subscribed to the Pro plan to make sure we had enough rows available.

Eventually Locking was implemented, and so when I started to phase myself out of the Treasurer position, to ensure our incoming Treasurer couldn’t accidentally destroy the doc, I upgraded to the Teams plan.

Now I’m stuck in an awkward position: I’m paying $432 a year for Coda for our Pack, and I’m not even really involved in Cub Scouts anymore. I’ve been paying out of pocket since Cub Scouts is a fundraising-funded program, and any money spent on the “business” of the program takes away from enriching the scouts we lead. Obviously the group doesn’t want to take over paying $432 per year, and I can’t really justify donating it too much longer. There are purpose-built apps/services for scouting that cost around $99 per year that the group is looking into, but in the past we’ve found they are very limited compared with the infinite flexibility of Coda.

Doc Locking should really be available even if you aren’t running a “team”. At least the ability to prevent accidental structural edits should be given to singular users as well as teams.