Locking - I can't turn the locking feature off

I copied a Coda doc that is on a Team plan and put it in my folder which does not have a team plan. Coda sent me an error message, attached, that says I need to turn off locking or upgrade otherwise the doc will become read only in 14 days, as locking is a team feature.


It appears there’s no way to turn locking off. All of the locking settings are greyed out and can’t be changed, likely because I’m not on a team plan.

Has anyone else dealt with this and solved this or does anyone know a potential solution?

I’d like to turn off locking for a doc that has it turned on on a non-team plan where all locking settings are disabled.

Hi @Tom_Flynn,

Welcome to the community!

And thank you for the feedback. This looks like a bug. I’ve added it to our internal tracker and the team has seen it. I don’t have an ETA for a fix yet, but it is being looked into.

Thank you for reporting it!