Solved: Hiding table options from other users

Hi all!

I have a registration form for a band competition where the participants can update information after the initial registration has been submitted.
Ideally, I want to keep the whole process within Coda.

I am using a single doc with a registration form and a table in Detail display below. The person who submits the form has to log in to Coda in order to access the table which is filtered so that the user can only see their own submission.

I am on the Pro plan and it looks like any logged in user can edit the doc, including the table filtering formula. If I understand it correctly this can be avoided on the Teams plan which seems to offer more user access controls. Is this correct?

Yup. The only way to disable those options are to enable locking on your pages and docs, and you have to have the higher plan for that.

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Thanks, @Scott_Collier-Weir!

My suggestion is that your form must have an Email field.

Ask them to submit email. Login Coda with the same email, then filter table you want them to see with user().email=[email]

His problem is that the users who log in can change that filter themselves by simply clicking Filter > Delete

So there’s no real privacy there. Locking is the solution he needs which would disable the ability for users to modify table filters

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Thanks for your input, @Korn_Tris. Your suggestion is exactly what I have in the form/table. My problem was that on the Pro plan anyone who is logged in can access the table settings and therefore simply delete the filter formula to get access to all the form submission. Apparently, table settings can be locked on the Team plan thereby solving the problem.

@Scott_Collier-Weir hit the nail on the head in his explanation below. :blush:

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