How to prevent current user filters from being bypassed?

I use Coda in lessons with 13-16 year old students and often use tables with the CurrentUser filter, which only shows the students their own entry. Now I have found out that the students can bypass this by clicking on the user icons at the top right when other students are working and thus get into the actually filtered columns and can also edit them.

Is there a way I can prevent this? It’s not about sensitive data or anything like that, it’s just that I don’t want the students to have a few jokers rewriting their entries.

Thank you!


Students are the ultimate trolls. It’s hard to beat a crafty 13-16 year old

You can of course us locking so they can’t change filters, etc. you can use all the principles of my access tables to make things more secure,

But there’s no way to prevent them from clicking on another users icon sadly

Those user icons can be turned off (toggle on hide collaborator activity) but sadly you can’t do that at the doc level - it can only be done at the individual level

The only way to really do it is to publish the doc - but then you lose out of the editing features you have

Happy to help brainstorm. I’m an ex-high school teacher and used coda extensively with students, personal organization, lesson plans, activities, and more and now work full time in Coda

But sadly - no crafty ways of hiding collaborator activity is coming to mind right now


Thank you Scott! I guess, i then have to use forms for the “most funniest ones”… :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the thorough explanation!

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