Reaction buttons usable in "play" mode for non-logged-in users?

Is there any way to let non-logged-in users interact with Reaction components? I’m trying to build a fairly large and diverse community with a lot of accessibility needs – asking everyone to sign up for Coda isn’t going to be a viable path forward for me, but I’d still like to be able to solicit user feedback.

I’m able to use embedded published forms for big things, but I’d love a way to let users just click a react controller to like something. If I can’t do that then I’m going to have a feedback form with a stars rating, and just average out stars-per-post in feedback or something – but that’ll be less effective since it requires people to care enough to fill out a form.

Being able to annotate certain controls as “trusted” and therefore functional in play mode regardless of logged-in status would be powerful.


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