Launched: Reactions

A quick thumbs-up. A down arrow. A smile. We’ve used all of these in tables and templates to add meaning to text, numbers, and data. In fact, some of the most commonly used drag-and-drop templates in Coda are the Topic Voting Table (thumbs up/down) and Team Sentiment Tracker (smile-face scale). But sometimes you realize you want to add the ability to react to a row or to a block of text after you’ve already begun making, and a template might not fit the work you’ve put in so far.

Enter: Reactions.

Now, you can now easily add a reaction column to any table—no formula necessary. Just choose the “Reaction” column type, and use the column settings to customize your reaction icon and logic.

We’ve also designed reactions to work on the canvas, so you can add a reaction after an interesting statement or at the end of a writeup. Simply type /reaction to start customizing your reaction.

And like any great Coda building block, you can also program it. Use “disable if” to write formulas that will disable a reaction based on a set of rules you’ve defined. This is great for simple scenarios: vote up to 3 times, upvote or downvote, etc.

Looking for some inspiration or want to learn more about the rituals at Coda that led us to build this feature? Check out this doc from our Design & Engineering team that built it.

We can’t wait to see how you incorporate reactions into your docs to get feedback, and encourage collaboration and interaction with your ideas!


Cool! :laughing: This could have many uses in coda.


Okay how?

Seems like a Reaction control returns a list of people who clicked, and also works as a toggle. So it doesn’t look like I can upvote more than once. Also if it’s a canvas reaction button, I cannot self-reference it to e.g. disable it once it’s clicked.

Hi Paul! The reaction itself or the reaction column settings should have a “Disable If” field. In the example doc from our Design & Engineering team, this template uses the Disable If condition to reference a scale control on the canvas: Top choices voting table

The formula is:

Image 2021-02-16 at 3.47.36 PM

hey paul! in addition to what Andrew said, here’s an example of what the disable if formula could look like on the canvas


I came here to post this but you’ve already beat me to it!

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Woooot reactions :heart: :raised_hand: :muscle: :+1: