Multiple reaction votes per user

is there a way to use the reactions column but have it so users can have multiple votes and not just react once?

Did you find a solution for this? I have the same question!

I ended up creating a table that records reaction entries as rows, and then my main table to display the sum of reactions per user. to add a reaction I used a button to record the current users entry in to the reactions table, and it then the sum of those reactions is displayed in a view. hope this helps. it was annoying I couldn’t have a a way to for instance have a situation where I can have a tally or counter.
we wanted to use it as a score board for when things happen. A strikes and kudos score board for the team.


@Mohamed_Hamad1 i’m trying to do something similar but haven’t been successful - any chance you can share a copy of what you have?

I tried to replicate it here

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