Displaying reaction counts in a chart?

I’m curious if there’s a way to display the count of reactions in a chart.

For instance, if I’ve collected a vote like so:

| Idea   | Votes |
| ------ | ----- |
| Idea 1 | ✅ 10 |
| Idea 2 | ✅ 4  | 

When plotting Votes (Y) over Ideas (X), I’d like to see 10 displayed as the value for Idea 1 and 4 for Idea 2.

Currently, however, the value is always 1 regardless of what aggregating function I choose (count, count unique, max, etc.).

It also only displays a value if I enable “Aggregate Values.” If it’s disabled, there’s no data for that column at all.

Does anyone know if this is currently supported and I’m missing something? Or are Reaction columns not set up for this kind of reporting at the moment?


Hey @jrh
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The Reaction Column is technically just a list of users who voted, not really a number to plot in a chart

But there is an easy solution: You can make a second column “Result” where you count the voters:


which will give you the number of votes as a number. You can then hide this column in the table, but use it in the chart.



Excellent solution, thanks @Daniel_Stieber!

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