Working with data in charts

Hello all,
A little bit of context: initially there is a table, with column A, B, C. column C is a multi-select and might have up to 3 values, i.e. row 1 has value x in column C, row 2 - x,y, and row 3 - x, z, etc. I set this table to Bar chart view, with column C as the horizontal axis, and expect the vertical one show the counts for each value in this column. What I face currently is that the same values are not summarized, but shown as different items. Instead of having on the horizontal axis three items x,y,z and their corresponding count 3,1,1, I get as x=1, x,y=1, x,z =1.
Is there any way to set the bars in chart show the summary of each individual value if there is more than one in one table cell?

Hey @OYu ,

this would be a topic for the “Ask the community” category.

If not already done, convert your select list to a table and insert a number column with the formula

Table1.Filter(column C.Contains(thisrow)).Count()

Then, create your chart from the second table.


Got it, will try do this way. Thanks a lot!

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