Bar chart of column Sum

Insanely basic question but I just can’t get it to work.
I’m trying to create a bar chart of the sum of each column.
So the chart should just have two bars,

  • FIRST bar of height 6
  • SECOND bar of height 9
    What am I missing?

Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 18.44.23

Hi @Ian_T

not sure you can display a summarize information from table.
I suggest the following :

  • Create a “total table”, with row “First”, and “second”
  • in a formula column, i would write this using switchif() function to refer to different columns SwitchIf(thisRow.Name="First",[Ian_T Problem].First.Sum(),thisRow.Name="Second",[Ian_T Problem].Second.Sum())
  • Draw total table

Configuring the table this way

Please let me know if I misunderstood yoir point
thanks !


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Thats exactly what I mean @Quentin_Morel !
Thank you so much for taking the time.

It seems so strange that we can’ t do this directly in a chart. I think if Coda offered the “summarize” row, as the “Horizontal Axis” option in Chart Display.

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No problem @Ian_T !

There are indeed lots of suggestion to keep on improving CODA :wink:

To extend your formula @Quentin_Morel, without creating new rows:
Is there a way to sum (First x Second).
So for you data it would 20.
(1 x 2)+ (2 x 3) + (3 x 4) = 20

Not 6x9 (obviously).

Of course @Ian_T !

Just use the very famous Sumproduct()


Quentin_Morel You are a gentleman and a scholar!

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Ahah do not hesitate, I also learned from community !!

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Final question…I hope.
So the two columns I’m using in SumProduct() are of types Duration, and Number.
I can’t use toNumber() to convert type, as it expects a value, not a list. So how do I convert the whole columns type in the formula?

you can totally make sumproduct() with duration * number.
If you dont want to, just create a column with DurationColumn.ToNumber(), and to the sumproduct() with this new column and the number one

Anyway, the results are the same :

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I’m getting an odd error.

Could be because the “Risk Factor” is generate by selecting High, Medium, Low, from another column.
Screenshot 2022-10-15 at 16.24.58

In your task table, is your Risk factor a number column ?
Otherwise try to add .tonumber() after the reference of this column in your somproduct

Apparently you can only do .ToNumber() on a value, not a list.

Hi @Ian_T ,

for me it’s OK. When I see the little logo after the reference in the switchif() function, il wondering :. Does your risk factor column have a number format ?

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When I look at the column, it has a number format.
Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 15.15.04

But when I look at the formula it says this:

Do you have something else in your doc that is called “'RISK FACTOR”. You can see the little two rectangles logo which is diufferent than the logo with “12”. May be you are referecing something else ?

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