Charts: Handling cells that contain multiple values

Suggestion: Charts should support cells that contain multiple values. Use case: The column represents a question on a survey, quiz, or poll, and the values represent a multi-select answer.

Example: Which of these product mockups do you like? (with 4 choices)

Example: Product Colors (red, blue, green, yellow, brown, black, gray/silver, white, orange) – where a product can have multiple colors

Example: What factors are important to you when choosing a place to live?


What the chart looks like:

What the chart should look like:

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Hi @Raina_Suominen :slight_smile:

I think that your suggestion make sense in some cases!

In the meantime if you need you can apply a small “hack” and, converting to a table your select list, and adding a new column that count how many times the row is selected in that table, you can obtain what you want!
If you want you can share the doc and i can show you how i would set this up :slight_smile:

WOW this was super complicated to get it to work.

Here is the solution that finally worked for me:

[Table to count rows in].filter([Column in that table to check the value of]=thisRow).count()

@Raina_Suominen : I think this was what @Mario was suggesting here :blush:

(where there is no need for complicated formulas :blush:)

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