Chart examples / templates with charts?

Do you have any docs or templates that features use cases of chart formulas?

I’m a bit stuck with how to use the chart formulas properly and I couldn’t find any templates in the collection that had charts. I tried to search for “chart” and that’s all I found:

Thanks a lot,

Hey @Zsolt_Bako,

yeah they can be tricky. I made some examples here.

Do you struggle with something in particular?

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@Daniel_Stieber super nice example!

If you don’t mind, maybe it could be added to the general coda library?

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Thank you very much @Daniel_Stieber!

That is super helpful. This should definitely be available somewhere in the documentation.

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Oh yeah of course. I will wait for the new charts that were anncounced before submitting it to the library.

Hi @Daniel_Stieber :wave: perhaps you can help :sweat_smile:
I am trying to do a chart w/ 2 columns

  1. region
  2. sector(s)
    And there is the issue, I can’t add the sectors to region, see below

I think because all sectors to a region are in the same (and one) column.
Any thoughts how to solve it?


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Hey Thomas,
in general, I think you are right, it is not working because the chart can’t split the values of the multi-select.

I’m afraid most charts don’t work/make much sense without numeric data to show. So I’m not sure what your result should look like. Can you maybe make an example drawing of what you want to achieve? :slight_smile:

If you want something like here, you would have to make a row for every entry with the city name and only one category (so you end up with like 10 rows with city Basel).

Maybe there is a way to split this up automatically or with a button.Hm actually I’m pretty sure it is possible somehow, but haven’t found an example on first check.

Thanks @Daniel_Stieber, that’s why I open this ticket as well :arrow_right: FormulaMap for creating multiple rows :wave:

EDIT: Updated the broken link here, because I still get notifications of people clicking on it, but the link did not work for a while alredy. Be aware that these examples use the chart formulas and the doc is 3,5 years old. Coda changed a lot in that time. (Still working though.)