Create Bar Chart via formula outside of a table


I would like to create a Bar chart via formula outside of a table, but I can’t make the Bar chart work.

In the formula overview I found BarChart(List(1,2,3,4), 300, 200)

I always got several error messages.

Let’s say my table is called (=title): “Daily overview”
Values: I want to use values of the three columns: “Task A”, “Task B” and “Task C”
Width: 300
Height: 200
Label: I don’t know, what exactly to put in here (is it an object or free text? How do I separate some of these?

Can you help me here?

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I hadn’t tried using BarChart() before, but I just tried so that I could help you out, and I couldn’t get anything at all to work, as if there is a bug in the formula or something.

To keep moving forward, you might consider this approach:

  1. make View of the table you want to chart,
  2. in that View, select Display > Chart
  3. then make your chart configurations: values, axis, etc.

Thanks for your reply. I already did the table conversion. This worked fine. I wanted to create a whole dashboard, but adjusting size would have been helpful here.

Is there any way to combine different charts like adding lines with values (e.g. avg) to the bar chart?

In general it would be interesting to know, if the bar chart formula is bugged…

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