Organize Formulas into a Table to Turn into Charts


I’ve made a few calculations as text formulas that I would like to see as graphs comparing the values. Is there a way I can link these calculations in a table so I can have the option to view them as a graph?

This is an example of what I have: image

Is this a good way to go about making the graphs? The totals I’m calculating in these text formulas are calculated from a few different tables.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think this is possible - could you move these formulas into a table so that they live there natively? (and then you could keep this nice presentation of them if you want too, by referencing the cells of the table you worked them into).

What I’m pitching is a calculations table, where the rows are years and the columns are

  • Year
  • Total Income
  • Total Expenses
  • Savings
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Hi @Erin_P,

Good point.
I found a couple of solutions but I’d like to think a bit more about it, as none of them fully satisfy me.

Please, have a look at a simplified example:

I obviously take into account that formulas are here over-simplified, otherwise a simple aggregated chart would perfectly work.

Anyway, as @Nick_HE is pointing out (as I’m writing), having a glimpse of the overall data model would help to see if the problem can be addressed in a different way.

Let us know.
Thank you.

Just to answer your question : Graph are linked in a way or another to tables :wink: . So generally speaking, if you know you’ll need a graph it’s easier to begin by the table (a summary table where you put together the info needed for the graph) even though, like Frederico did (:+1:) , they are ways to do it the other way around :wink: .

It’s just an advice :blush:, nothing more :wink: .

Thank guys! Hi Nick! :wave:

I think I may have been doing things that were overcomplicating this for myself, I’ve organized my data how you guys have suggested and am calculating the totals in one chart and things are working how I want :+1: thanks!

A couple more Q’s:

  • I’ve also got a table set up showing a column of months and then showing what each category’s amount was for that month. Is there a way I can total up what each row’s amount is without manually adding each column name?
  • Also it would be nice for me to be able to have a pie chart of my total expenses and have it split into what those expenses were…how would I make a table that could figure that out? Everytime I try the pie chart is blank