Create a yearly summary from table with each month as a column

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I have a table with months of the year as individual columns. Is there any way to create a summary table to calculate the yearly totals. I believe this would be possible in Excel using a horizontal lookup.

I couldn’t find a thread with a similar use case. Some people have a use case where they need to summarize daily/monthly info but their days/months are in one column, so they can create a new table view and add groups. For example: Monthly average for a given year in a table that spans many years - #4 by Jean_Pierre_Traets


It depends on exactly you want to structure the new table, and whether it has to be a separate table.

The simplest would be to use the column Sum feature to calculate the total for each column.

And I would strongly recommend that you have values in a single column, rather than a column for each month. You can still create a view with monthly columns, but yoy sacrifice a huge amount of flexibility by solutions into monthly columns.


Thanks for the reply!

The yearly summary table would be a separate table. I’ll look into using the Sum formula for each column, then calculate the yearly totals from that.

Unfortunately, having the values in a single column isn’t feasible since the data is exported from a third-party platform, and there’s limitations on how it can be formatted.

I’ve been playing around with Sum but can’t figure out since Coda doesn’t have horizontal lookup or lookup a column using a string: Reference Column Name with String

Any ideas here?


I have set up an example of what I think you are looking for here:

Yeah, you will have to stop thinking in Excel… :wink: But it is well worth it.


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