Monthly average for a given year in a table that spans many years

Hi, everyone. I have a table called “Field Service Report” with a date column and a duration column for reportable hours on a given date. I would like to get the average hours per month for the current year so I can post it prominently above the table. I’m not sure where to begin. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

[Table 1 2].Filter(Year(Date)=Year(Today())).Hours.Average()

Dear @Jim_Atienza,

Above you will find the formula, quite similar to the monthly sum you received earlier

Hi, Jean Pierre. Thank you for your reply. I learned a little bit more about syntax from it. I think the output I got is the average hours per row. However, the rows in my table are daily entries, rather than monthly. How do I make a formula that sums each month, and then gets the average of the months?

Thank you for your patience.

Dear @Jim_Atienza

Please have a look in the doc below, where I have created the formulas to get the results as you asked.
The most simple way to get the same results is by grouping the table and then request the SUM or Average.

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Thank you, Jean Pierre. I notice that the formula is virtually unchanged, so the grouping is what did it? This will give me quite a bit to study and test. Thanks again for taking the time to work out this solution, and so quickly at that.

Dear @Jim_Atienza,

Grouping is just one of the way to display data in a manner, for the user to see the data in a meaningful way.

The formulas are independent on what view you choose to have!

I recommend to play around to get the feeling to be able to judge what would solve your use case.

In case of questions, just share a dummy doc to explain your expectations

Enjoy Coda

Dear Jean-Pierre:
Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I will consider them carefully and follow them. I am enjoying this learning process.