Pulling average values from a grouped table into another table


I have a table that I’ve set up to show me an average value by month (grouped). I’d like to pull those monthly averages into a separate table. I feel like I need a lookup by month + a way to pull in the average calculation. Can someone help me find the right formula?


Dear @Bonnie_Brieden ,

If I understood your question well, the below is a possible solution to solve your question:


Thank you, @Jean_Pierre_Traets! This looks exactly like what I’m trying to do. I plugged in, but seems not to be working (“Expected at least 1, but get 0 arguments for Average”)

Table source:


Dear @Bonnie_Brieden,

The way I understand now from the screenshot is that you are working with actual dates and not month names.
Therefore from the date you should extract the month name, to be able to compare (text) month names and when they are the same, to calculate the averages.

To be able to get the most efficient support in the community it’s a good practice to share a dummy doc. You will get in most cases the better support and the community member trying to assist gets a better overview of the actual content type. (Do we have to compare text, dates, numbers, all possible but on both sides of the comparison the types need to be equal)

In the sample I provided, the month names are text types. Of course it could also be chosen to make them numbers and get the same results.

As soon as you get the grasp of the logic, you will start to question yourself and can I do this and that, sometimes you find a solution fast and sometimes it needs a bit to play around

Enjoy the journey, it’s such a satisfaction to build something of your own :building_construction:

Thanks so much, this makes sense, I see the problem with using the month formatted as 11/1/2019. However, if I use month name, it converts to just month when I’d actually like to use Month + Year. My dataset has multiple years. Do I need 2 columns (Month, Year) or can this be done with one column?

Dear @Bonnie_Brieden ,

That’s the beauty of Coda, you can make it according your own needs and taste.
The get a combination of both the month and the year you can do that as follows:

Source: Coda | Formula library

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Thank you again! I was able to resolve and make it work. :sweat_smile:

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