Pull data from specific year having multiple years

Hello fellow Codans!

I am using data that only gives month and year, ex. 9/1/2020, 10/1/2020, 11/1/2020, ect. and have said data spanning multiple years in the same format. I’m wanting to represent sum numbers from specific years and am currently getting total from all years. Im aware of the Year function but I am not using it correctly.

I currently use TABLENAME.MONTH.Max( ).MonthName to show current show current month
I label this formula as (formula 1) [this month]
and use
TABLENAME.MONTH.ListCombine(" ").unique( ).Sort( ).Nth(-3).MonthName( ).Last( ) to show the previous month
and label this formula as (Formula 2) [last month]

Using TABLENAME.UNITS.Filter(formula 1).Sum( ) gives me all the years units totaled (of course)

I have used a couple work arounds to get specific units from current year and current month with a sub table but have trouble displaying previous month’s said current units total given within a year.

Would love any input on this bad boi, and understand there’s many ways to skin the cat so appreciate any and all!

Hi Brantley,

Could you share an example document that illustrates your situation? It is much easier to understand using a full example.

Best reagrds

For sure, I thank you for having an opportunity to practice embed table views
gimme a moment to practice

Alright hey yo,

Here’s a wee example I hope of said problem, not too extensive as actual problem but hopes the message comes across. (equal thank you on opportunity to learn this communication)

HI Brantley,

I have done an example in your Doc.

I added a summarise: sum on the Units Sold column.

And then I added a column for year with this formula:

And created a view grouped by year, sorted descending: