Possible to Pull Different Dataset From 1 Table?

I have 1 table with a column of numbers and dates.
I want to sum the numbers in a separate table, and sum the numbers of a filtered view [from the original table] in a 3rd table.
Is my only option creating views of the original table, applying the filter and then call the formula to lookup the data from the filter view?

This creates clutter with a need for multiple “tables” that are in fact views of 1 master table.

Would I use the IF function in the formula to apply the filter and then do the sum??
ie: IF(date=today,sum(X:X),"") something like this

Edit: The page I shared, pulls in the whole document. the Page in the document that has the information is: Mathematics Formulas in Tables

Hi Demetrius
I think this page does what you are looking for.

You can also summarise a column by rightclicking and going to > Summarise.