Using months as columns and how to calculate values easily?

I’ve got a social media doc which uses a budget to estimate the amount of impressions, clicks, reach etc per month. So for my columns, I’ve got [01 Jan Imps], [01 Jan Reach] etc… There are 5 of these for every month, so 60 altogether (excluding the other columns). And I have to change each of these manually whenever I adjust formulas even a little bit. Is there a way to do this more elegantly?

Hi @yscias :blush: !

I’m not really in front of my keyboard but why not the other way around ?

Months as rows (potentially from a “Months” table (which should be easier if you need a summary by month)), Impressions, Clicks, reach … as columns ?

Your table would be longer as you would probably need multiple rows for 1 item … but it might make things easier …

(This is just a thought :blush: )

I’ve tried that, but had 2 problems.

  1. When grouping the months above, the doc lagged so badly it was unusable, much more than when it had 80+ columns. Eventhough its using the same formulas… and technically should be faster… no idea why.

  2. I couldnt add a column at the end that sums up all the previous months or columns.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated!