How to combine date cells into a month and sum

So, I have a very big table with loads of transactions.

Each row has a date, concept and amount.
I’d like to be able to combine all those transactions into months and make a sum of each month.
(my idea is to be able to visualise how much we spend per month)

How can I do that?
I put a table here as example;

Hi @Miguel_Gomez :blush:

I very quickly modified your doc (thanks for sharing :raised_hands: ) but I’m not sure this is what you were trying to do :blush:

Basically, I just added a months table to your doc and linked that table to your Dummy Input then I gathered back the data from the Dummy Input into the months table to sum the amounts per months …

You could also use a grouped view of your Dummy Input (See Dummy Input 2 in your doc)

Sorry, this is very very quickly made (I’m not really in front of my keyboard at the moment :innocent: )


This is perfect, really grateful!

Thanks a bunch!

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No problem @Miguel_Gomez :relaxed: !

I’m very glad to know it helped :grin: !

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