Transactions Broken Down into Month Summeries

Hi all,

Im a newby trying to learn coda. I am trying to figure out how I might achieve a table view.

Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve

Table 1 titled “Sales” has raw sales data.
Column1-Order #, Column 2-Date/Time, Column 3-Sales Amount,

Order#1, 1/4/2023; 9:20 AM, $25.00
Order#2, 1/5/2023; 1:42 PM, $30.00
Order#3, 2/17/2023; 8:45 AM, $30.00
Order#4, 3/29/2023, 7:20 PM, $25.00

Table 2 titled “Income” gathers “Sales” data and summarizes

Column 1- Month, Column 2- Amount

January, $55.00
February, $30.00
March, $25.00

Thanks so much!

Hello @Able_Thought ,

There are many ways to accomplish this, here is one way: