P&L in Coda with transaction list

Good day!
I am trying to make PL report in Coda.

I have a list of transactions, I want to build with it a report on the actual transactions, broken down by articles. Are there any solutions?

The usual option in Google sheets looks like rows in the form of articles, and columns like months. How to implement this or what alternative to come up with?

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Hi! I do P&L for some companies using Coda

I created a table with the months (one month per row).

Then I created a table with all the transactions and used the Lookup function to asign each transaction a month. So I have a table with all the transacions and I have date, name, amount, etc as columns, each transaction is a new row.

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Thank you! Do you have any example?
You made formula to connect date of transaction to month table? Or manually?

My transaction table is about 2000 rows, i try to find solution without manual work.

And how you connect month table with expenditure?

HI Daniil

Welcome back to CODA.

There are several ways in which you can do this, depending on the format that you want to do it. In SAP s/4 HANA, all financial records are recorded in a single table, with date as one of the columns in the table. All reporting is to a large extent pivot table extracts and summaries based on that information.

Depending on the number of characteristics you want to report on, Google sheets and pivot tables is probably the best option.

However if you just have accounts (articles?) and transactions with dates, it can be easily done in CODA, with a single table.
Have a column for account, date, and amount.
Create views that group the data for you - per month, all accounts, subtotalled amounts, or the other way around, per account, per month.
If you need qty amounts, create a new column per qtr, and write a formula for each. You could also do a YTD or a annual total in the same.

For the next step, you can add a column that selects “Plan” or “Actual”, and then you can also enter a budget.

I would NOT create a column for each month, that is going to make your table very inflexible.

I’ll see if I can find some time to create an example for you. Might take a day or so.

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Turns out it was quicker to do it, than explain it…

Please look in the subpage “Transaction summary” in page “Sundry Tips”

Thank you for detailed explanation i made example to show what i need.

i need 1 table. Where columns will be months and rows expenditure. Rows and columns i can try to make by grouping. But i cant figure out how to make it not to showing all transaction for each expenditure or month, only sum.

In sheets it will look like this deml PL - Google Sheets

Hi !

Yes, here is an example of my doc : Share_Finance & Ops