Looking for examples of formatting for a Google Sheet to Coda move

Hey ya’ll! I’m looking for a graceful way to format a ton of KPI data from a Google Sheet into a Coda table, or multiple tables on one page. This is a snippet of what we have now:

The data is all in columns and I’m struggling to figure out the prettiest, least clunky way to get this into Coda. Do you have any examples of how this might look or work best?

Multiple people input data into this sheet every week, so it would be helpful if the input process was easy, but it also needs to be easy to read for our weekly meetings.

Thanks for any help or examples given!

Hi @heatherfeather ,

Did you consider to transpose the columns with values in sheets to get outcomes you can easier paste into Coda? You then have a column and per row you select the date (you have in your columns today).

The date logic (date per column) may work in any spreadsheet, but will fail you in Coda.

Transposing in Coda is possible, but it is easier to do it in sheets. Hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan

I was going to suggest the exact same thing as Christiaan.

Having a row per date in Coda is going to give you so much more flexibility. You can then build views to suit your other reporting requirements.

It is going to take some getting used to, but it is well worth it in the end. I hardly ever do anything in spreadsheets nowadays.

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