Default value for reaction when adding to a table

Hi all, I have an ideas table with an Upvote (type: Reaction) column and a button to add an idea to the table. My plan is, someone can add an idea and other users can upvote that idea.

I would like the Upvote (Reaction) to default to upvoted/“on”/“clicked” for the user that creates the row (of course they are going to upvote their own idea). However I can’t figure out what to put in the “Set Values” field for the button action. Is there some other place I can set a default value for a reaction field on creation? Or what should I put in the button action’s “Set Values”?

Screenshot below (new users so I can only add 1 apparently):

My attempt at adding a default reaction from the “Set Values” field:

Thanks in advance for the help!

The reaction column is a list of users who have upvoted the reaction. So, create the new row with the current user already upvoting the idea, use the formula User() as the value. This formula is documented here.


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Yep that works perfectly, thanks!


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