Can't quite disable a reaction column based on another reaction column

I can’t quite get this to work. I have a common use case of upvote and downvote and am using the built-in reactions column type. I’m trying to prevent a user from voting both options if they’ve selected one already.

I was using the “Disable if” function using: thisRow.Upvote.Contains(User()) but when I hit enter, it seems to only work once (disabling the other column) but once I keep testing it the disabling stops.

Am I doing this correctly?

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hi @buildinginla ,

What about this one:

I have put in the disable the check to the other reaction via

thisRow.Up.IsNotBlank() OR thisRow.Down.IsNotBlank()

Hope it helps, Christiaan

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HI @buildinginla I just noticed that this trick does not reset the values. So once you want to undo your up or down vote and to move to the alternative option, it is not gonna work, it remains (for whatever reason) inactive.

I have to go, maybe somebody else has a great idea about how to reset, but I am afraid you need a button to make it work (and you use the reaction icon in the button).

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hi @buildinginla , it made me think about this solution:

you can copy the doc and use the content to your advantage, cheers, Christiaan

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Here is my solution, I hope it will suit you and in my case it works well :slight_smile:

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bonsoir Thierry,

You use a button to reset and this works indeed.

well done, cheers, Christiaan


@Christiaan_Huizer ,

thank you :slight_smile:

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an elegant solution
well done


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